Saddle Stands for Defi

Saddle has been committed to providing high-quality financial primitives to the DeFi ecosystem since 2020. We believe in open-source software and collaboration with a desire to ship products and services used by the masses. We’re just getting started…

The Saddle Protocol released the first open-source StableSwap written in Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain. The exchange is optimized for pegged value crypto assets enabling low-slippage swaps, providing attractive liquidity pools for LPs, and implementing a modified vote escrow tokenomics for token holders.


is built by a team of DeFi Natives

Saddle is comprised of DeFi natives. Our values drive us to continuously build a vibrant community around the protocol. You may know our founder Sunil (devops199fan) from the YFI community as a multisig signer, or used tools like by John (Weeb).

Michael Daly

Software Engineer

John Lim

Software Engineer

Cass Puls

Head of Operations

Alex Gorloff

Social Media Manager

Eric Michaelis

Head of Growth

Sunil Srivatsa

Founder and CEO

Caleb Lin

Product Lead

David Hamme

Head of Engineering

Jamie Miller

Chief of Staff

Hannes Pfeiffer

Software Engineer

Leading Cybersecurity Experts agree.

Saddle has been audited by leading cybersecurity experts.

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